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Capable of comprehensive technological solutions essential for a new world

As the use of computers and the attendant digitalization of information has become more widespread, we at TRIART have utilized the internet to operate and manage large-scale infrastructure and services for a variety of scenarios, including mass data distribution, linkage with automobiles, logistics, and medicine.
The development of IoT, ICT, and mobile networks, and their impact on everything from sensor networks, utilization of personal data, and data distribution services, to currency and payment methods, has seen our current society continue to evolve at breakneck speed.

This is now an era where adapting to technological progress and social changes has accelerated, making it more difficult to invest in any one infrastructure with long-term utilization in mind.
As infrastructure shifts to the grid over the coming years, it has already become necessary to change to dynamic operations that allow for both joining and separating from a grid.

Amid the demand for technologies such as blockchain, P2P, kansei information processing, and AI, TRIART will operate as a technological organization to provide innovative and smart solutions that look to the future.

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CIRD/680-41 Kawazu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka 820-8517 JAPAN


Kentaro Imazu,President and CEO

Paid-in capital

10 million yen


IT solution business / Information design business