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Developed the ‘world’s first’ camera solution for the iPhone to protect confidential company information

Toyota Motor Kyushu (HQ: Miyawaka city, Fukuoka CEO: Iwao Nihashi) and TRIART Limited Company (Address: Iizuka city, Fukuoka Director: Kentaro Imazu) co developed the secure solution that utilizes the camera function of the iPhone in business while keeping confidentials safe through cooperation with Apple, Inc. and Mobileiron, Inc. in America. This world first solution will be used in Toyota Motor Kyushu and they are considering a release to global companies as a business solution.

Since smart devices like smartphones and tablets are rapidly growing, more companies use those to replace computers due to their accessibility. But, at the same time, such companies do have a lot of confidential information that they handle, especially with photos and videos which are such simple operations that can easily be leaked from cameras built into cellphones and smartphones, a number of companies limit the use of smartphones to avoid information leakage.
At the same time, there are cases where they need to take photos to record regular work. In those cases, they have to strictly define management rules for photos taken and stipulate the photographer, the date taken, the place it is taken and data management methods, but without the app, every aspect has come down to the photo owner’s decision.
In order to solve the problems, Toyota Motor Kyushu and TRIART co developed a secure camera solution that uses the iPhone and manages unitarily from photo taking to browsing stored photos and they started utilising this in production work at Toyota Motor Kyushu.
This system limits photo taking by using the camera app which is built into the iPhone. It makes it that photo taking is only possible by using the camera app specialised for this system. On top of that, it’s setup with an employee number authentication when the camera app starts, so the photo taker can be identified. Also, photos taken will not be stored as data, so they are unable to be browsed, but instead, they are uploaded into a specific management server and they can be browsed only by the photo taker and administrator to prevent information leakage. For those companies that handle confidential information, smartphones with inbuilt camera functions have been limited, but at the same time, there are cases where photos have to be taken for business as well, so secure management of this has always been a problem. We basically they have developed such a breakthrough solution to solve these issues instantly and this can start being utilized in business.

This system was made possible as a solution for the iPhone utilizing MobileIron’s device management function with high level iOS terminals, AppConnect MAM technology and API for Web services in cooperation with Apple Japan and Apple, Inc in America for business applications on the iPhone at Toyota Motor Kyushu. The technology development was worked through together with TRIART in Iizuka city, Fukuoka as one of the community activities to rediscover the power of Kyushu which is Toyota Motor Kyushu’s vision slogan. For Toyota Motor Kyushu, it is the first try ever to work on an IT venture, but they determined that TRIART has merits and they went forward with the codevelopment this time.

TRIART is an IT venture started at the Kyushu Institute of Technology where they research and develop new technology used in IT and consulting, so they have a number of apps that have been developed and have come up with a lot of solutions over the years. Most especially, they developed a remote medical app for smartphones where an extremely solid security setup is required, and so it is a company that has a very high reputation in Japan got solution development for smartphones with great security and it has been introduced at large major companies as well.

Company Profile
Company name: Toyota Motor Kyushu Corporation
HQ: 1 Kamiaruki, Miyawaka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
CEO: Iwao Nihashi
Established: February 8, 1991
Capital: 45 billion yen
Products: [Lexus] HS250h, IS350C/IS250C, IS300C(only exporting), CT200h RX450h/RX350/RX270,
ES300h/ES350/ES250(only exporting)
[Toyota] SAI (only in Japan)
[Unit] Engine and hybrid parts

Company name: TRIART Limited Company
HQ: 202/CIRD/680-41, Kawatsu, Iizuka, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Director: Kentaro Imazu
Established: January 8, 2003
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business description: IT solution business
IT consulting business
Internet media business
Information design business

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TRIART Limited Company In charge: Tadasuke Tsumura
TEL/FAX: (+81)948-80-1081
202/CIRD/680-41, Kawatsu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
E-Mail: info@triart.co.jp URL: https://triart.co.jp/
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Toyota Motor Kyushu Corporation In charge: Motofumi Matsuo, IT planning department
TEL: (+8`)949-34-2211 / FAX: (+81)949-34-2390
1 Kamiaruki, Miyawaka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
E-Mail: ITPD200@toyota-kyushu.co.jp URL: http://www.toyota-kyushu.com/

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