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  3. Added video recording function as a camera solution for the iPhone to protect company confidentials and stated utilization



Added video recording function as a camera solution for the iPhone to protect company confidentials and stated utilization

Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc. (HQ: Miyawaka, Fukuoka CEO: Iwao Nihashi) and TRIART Limited Company (Address: Iizuka city, Fukuoka Director: Kentaro Imazu) developed a secure camera solution that can be used in business for the iPhone while keeping company confidentials. They newly added a function for video recording as well on this solution and started operating it in business.

Toyota Kyushu and TRIART developed a secure camera solution which can centrally manage the taking of photos on an Apple iPhone and browsing of stored images and have been trialling at Toyota Motor Kyushu since April, 2014, and they have developed a new function supported with video recording in addition to the still image function. Video data is very large in terms of file size compared to still images, so it is not easy to upload onto a special server without leaving data on the terminal. Also, encryption processing is required when transfering data files. For those reasons, we implemented a function on how the video data taken on the terminal will not be stored in the terminal but rather will be uploaded onto a special server securely and definitely by utilizing TRIART’s own unique technology and know-how.

This solution was performed by TRIART located in Iizuka city, Fukuoka as one of the activities for ‘Rediscover the ability of Kyushu and utilize it for regional cooperation which is the vision slogan of Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc. TRIART has been developing a number of mobile applications and solutions as an IT venture from the Kyushu Institute of technology providing mainly research developing new technology and consulting. Especially, our solid security required remote medical application for smartphones has a good record and we are a company with a high reputation in Japan.

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