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  3. Started operating the remote medical diagnosis support system ‘XMIX’ mainly in six medical institutions in Kumamoto for enhancing acute medical care systems for stroke victims



Started operating the remote medical diagnosis support system ‘XMIX’ mainly in six medical institutions in Kumamoto for enhancing acute medical care systems for stroke victims

In order to solve medical issues in the region such as ensuring doctors and local medical corporations are within the revised budgets of 2012, in Kumamoto prefecture, they drew up a Kumamoto region medical regeneration plan (2013 version) in the financial year, 2013 and one of the key initiatives was to improve acure medical systems for stroke victims.
With the Kumamoto region medical regeneration plan (2013 version), Kumamoto University Hospital (Kumamoto city, Kumamoto Head: Hidenobu Tanihara) and TRIART Limited Company (Iizuka city, Fukuoka Director: Kentaro Imazu) installed the co-developed remote medical diagnosis support system ‘XMIX’ into six medical institutions in Kumamoto prefecture and started operations from July 18, 2014 for emergencies for stroke patients.

This remote medical diagnosis support system XMIX is a system that started trials at Kumamoto University Hospital and Aso Medical center (formerly known as Aso city national insurance Aso Chuo Hospital) from June, 2012 and it allows specialists far away to diagnose emergency stroke patients with no specialists in their area to browse image information of the stroke patient on an iPhone or iPad, so that the specialist can give essential advice to treat them at the medical institution that received the stroke patient. Most especially. It is a system designed to save stroke patients who need a diagnosis and treatment straight away.

In Kumamoto, they developed and expanded this remote medical diagnosis support system XMIX into six medical institutions and started utilizing them to save as many stroke patients as possible. The institutions with these installed are the followings: Also, they will be trying to expand the, into other institutions as well in the future.

● Medical institutions installed with XMIX
・Aso Medical Center
・Kumamoto Medical Center
・Kumamoto Saishunso Hospital
・Kumamoto University Hospital
・Minamata City Hospital and Medical Center
・Yamaga Central Hospital

■Overview of the system
XMIX is structured with an iOS terminal like an iPad or an iPhone and a special server system and information is shared with the radiological information viewer developed with FaceTime on Apple. This makes it possible for specialists who are not present to give advice, Also, each communication path is ensured with solid security through their own unique technology.

■ Features of the system
XMIX can be installed without repairing the existing medical information system that each medical institute is using by carefully selecting functions. Remote medical systems installed up till now have been limited to large hospitals because of the cost of developing and operating the system, but XMIX is designed to easily be installed in small and medium sized medical institutions as well with specialists not present.

■ About security
XMIX applied the XCOA technology developed by TRIART to fulfill the guideline vol. 42 ver (October, 2013) regarding safety management for medical information systems published by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and made it possible. By using this technology, encryption of communication paths, division communication and communication content, time limited cache in terminals and authentication systems could be realized. That made browsing information impossible when iOS terminals were stolen and they became lost. Also, information will not be stolen if the terminal is hacked.

■Enquiry from media organization regarding this release■
【Enquiry about Kumamoto region medical regeneration plan】
Health policy department, Kumamoto Health and Welfare department: Kengo Kajihara
TEL: (+81)96-333-2246 / FAX: (+81)96-385-1754
6-18-1 Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city 862-8570 JAPAN
E-Mail: iryoseisaku@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp

【Enquiry regarding utilization】
Medical information management and planning department, Kumamoto University Hospital: Koichiro Usuku
TEL: (+81)96-373-5738 / FAX: (+81)96-373-5737
1-1-1 Honso, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city 860-8556 JAPAN
E-Mail: medinfo@fc.kuh.kumamoto-u.ac.jp URL: http://www.kuh.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/

【Enquiry regarding development technology】
TRIART Corporation In charge: Yusuke Nomura
TEL: (+81)0948-80-1081 / FAX: (+81)948-80-1006
CIRD/680-41 Kawatsu, Iizuka, Fukuoka, JAPAN      
URL: https://triart.co.jp/

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