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Complete management for camera functions to protect company secrets Released the secure camera solution XCOA-CAM’ for iOS

TRIART Limited Company (Iizuka city, Fukuoka Director: Kentaro Imazu) started selling a secure camera solution XCOA-CAM to be utilized in business with the iOS system while keeping confidential information in house at the same time.

This solution was co-developed with Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc (Miyawaya city, Fukuoka CEO: Iwao Nihashi) and it has been installed in business at Toyota Motor Kyushu since February, 2014. They also added a new function that supports video taking over and above still image photo taking. This time, they released this secure camera solution, XCOA-CAM for the public.

XCOA-CAM can offer a secure camera solution which makes every camera function unavailable including built in cameras in iOS terminals, but with an app for this solution, taking photos and videos are possible, they can be uploaded to a specific server rather than leaving data in a terminal and it makes it possible to manage data by specific photo owners of browsers. For companies with confidential information, this can be utilized effectively on iOS when they work with still images and video taking.

■ Overview of XCOA-CAM
XCOA-CAM can make photo and video taking invalid including built in camera apps by camera control functions via iOS and it can make only XCOA-CAM take photos and videos. When taking photos and videos, they apply user authentication when the camera starts and limits the number of users who are allowed to take them. Then, data created using the camera will not be stored in iOS terminals and will be automatically uploaded in a special management server instead. Because it limits the number of users who can browse the data in the server to only data owners and administrators, that prevents information leakage.

■ About security
TRIART Corporation has been repeatedly researching about security and has an encryption technology XCOA and operates it. XCOA-CAM has a high security ability by utilizing this XCOA technology. As for the recent development performance using this technology, there’s a remote medical diagnosis support system for iOS called XMIX.

■ Price
Initial installation cost: XCOA-CAM is a solution that includes customisation. So, the cost of initial installation is a separate quote. As a reference, it’s starts from 1.5 million yen and goes up.
License cost (including maintenance cost for OS updates): 300 yen monthly per iOS terminal. The license cost can be set with a volume license and outright purchase price. Also, if you carry out an outright purchase, it can be set for yearly payments only as a maintenance cost.

■ Enquiry about this release
TRIART Limited Company
In charge: Tadasuke Tsumura
TEL/FAX: (+81)948-80-1081
CIRD/680-41, Kawatsu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
E-mail:info@triart.co.jp URL:https://triart.co.jp/
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