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From Iizuka city to Myanmar! Protect the health of expectant and nursing mothers in rural areas

The IT venture company from Kyushu Institute of Technology entrusted with JICA business

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) adopted a project feasibility survey for improving pregnancy checks for expectant and nursing mothers in rural areas in central rural Myanmar utilizing the remote medical system, XMIX provided by TRIART (Iizuka city, Director: Kentaro Imazu) for ‘Small and medium sized company overseas as a development support business – feasibility survey – on June 30.

Economic development is rapidly advancing in Myanmar, but they have a lack of doctors and doctors are located mainly in urban areas, so now they are facing a problem with providing medical services in rural areas where a lot of the population lives. The remote medical system, XMIX developed by TRIART Limited Company made a new communication technology, stable video and voice communication possible even under circumstances of low speed Internet. This system was installed in Kumamoto prefecture and has resulted in largely solving medical disparity seen between rural areas such as for situations of emergency correspondence when strokes occur.

We paid attention to maternal and children’s health in Myanmar and are trying to implement smooth prenatal checkups by linking between the core hospital and the hospital in the rural area. Centering on the Magway region where the maternal mortality rate is especially high, we will investigate the communication environment on site, collect information in various scale hospitals and the Myanmar health department and consider the possibility of introducing XMIX there.

This survey will be conducted as a small and medium company overseas development support business – feasibility survey – targeting our small and medium sized companies. The purpose of the feasibility survey is to match between the development needs in developing countries and small-medium sized Japanese companies’ with excellent products and technology and support information collection and business planning to utilize products and technology for the ODA business, and it has been conducted since 2012 and went public in February for the first one for 2016. 35 out of 117 applications have been adopted and those contracted first will be surveyed sequentially with the aim of fully developing throughout the world.

Reference: (Press Release) About the adoption result of the first public announcement of 2016 for the feasibility survey
URL: http://www.jica.go.jp/announce/notice/investigation/index.html(JP)

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