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Sophisticated information leakage measurement equipped Mobile live video system is developed

A work environment with high grade of freedom delivered while enhancing security

The technological creation venture TRIART Limited Company (HQ: Iizuka city, Fukuoka hereinafter referred to as TRIART) and Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. (HQ: Miyawaka city, Fukuoka hereinafter referred to as Toyota Kyushu) developed a mobile live video system that can prevent leakage of company’s confidential information by encrypting information from cameras which can be active only in designated environments.

With the increased use of smart devices in businesses, work environments for those who handle confidential information using camera functions need restrictions to prevent information leakage more than ever before. For this reason, TRIART and Toyota Kyushu co-developed a secure camera system to control camera functions and manage data without leaving terminals at all in February, 2014, and it has been applied in a factory in Toyota Kyushu. As a result, they achieved the creation of a work environment where recording confidential information is possible while keeping very tight security and they succeeded in making work efficiency by suggesting a structural improvement in car parts through assembling processes though using image information. TRIART commercialized the system as XCOA-CAM and gained popularity from companies who need to keep security, but also need to use mobile terminals.

On top of that, we developed a system that allows you to share live video information as well as image information sharing while keeping a high level of security using our accumulated know-how.
In this new system, technology to control camera functions of smart devices such as iPhones and secure server technology to restrict viewers for preventing information leakage are applied. It can control and share location information, time and user authentication while live videos are streaming in real time. For example, confidential projects can be performed from far away distances like between Japan and overseas where it’s difficult to coordinate. Also, it can overcome harmful effects which may normally make speedy operations difficult because of security measurements needed to be done in systems and is well considered for interfaces, so that the administrator can quickly work on it. For this reason, when disasters and accidents occur in remote locations, it can easily control the terminals in the location and use live streaming to get to the situation onsite instantly.

TRIART is a technology creation venture from Kyushu Institute of Technology and it has always been aiming to be a research strategy type company that works on technology development which has never been seen in the world through industry academia collaborations. Most especially, we have performed in developing remote medical systems for smartphones where solid security is required and network infrastructures to support it are required and these ‘solution developments great for the security of smartphones’ are largely introduced both outside and inside Japan.
At the same time, Toyota Kyushu focuses on ‘the development of local communities / co prosperity with clients’ as one of their basic principles and works on contributing to enhance competition in the whole of Kyushu with local IT ventures through community cooperation to rediscover the ability of Kyushu and utilize it.

Company profile

Company name: TRIART Limited Company
HQ: 202/CIRD/680-41, Kawatsu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Director: Kentaro Imazu
Business description: Research and development of new technology and delivery of service

Company name: Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.
HQ: 1 Kamiaruki, Miyawaka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Director: Tatsuya Kaneko
Product: [Lexus]HS250h, CT200h, RX350/RX450h/RX200t, NX200t/NX300h/
NX200, ES300h/ES350/ES250/ES200
[Toyota] SAI

Enquiry from media organization regarding this release

【Enquiry regarding development】
TRIART Limited Company
In charge: Atsushi Watanabe
TEL: (+81)948-80-1081

【Enquiry regarding utilization】
IT planning department, Toyota Kyushu
In charge: Atsushi Abe
TEL: (+81)949-34-2277