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  3. Mobile remote medical support system utilized Online medical support between doctors is started with operations experiment



Mobile remote medical support system utilized Online medical support between doctors is started with operations experiment

Appropriate medical support on rare pediatric surgery disease is put into practice

The mobile remote medical support system ‘XMIX’ (hereinafter referred to as XMIX) developed by TRIART Corporation (Iizuka city, Fukuoka CEO: Kentaro Imazu) has started operations experiments installation in the pediatric surgery department at Nagoya University Hospital (Nagoya city, Aichi Director: Naoki Ishiguro) in order to support online diagnosis for doctors at other hospitals for pediatric surgery.

XMIX utilized in this experiment is built in with XCOA, the technology that links data in conditions where it’s impossible to manipulate through applying the scattering of codes and blockchain technology, so it protects data safely during calls on remote medical support. The feature involves information sharing and diagnosis support are easily carried out between doctors in real time with high quality security. By utilizing XMIX, sharing of medical knowledge and intensification through remote medical attention can be carried out at the same time.

It’s always thought that placing pediatric doctors everywhere helps issues in remote rural areas improve, but, pediatric diseases are often scarce and doctors and patients are scattered, so it is difficult for doctors to accumulate knowledge and experience. This means that doctors can’t accumulate much experience in rural areas and new skills cannot easily be gained. So, pediatric doctors at Nagoya University Hospital use XMIX and remote support them through online video and that creates a cooperative situation for all scenarios for everyone to make decisions on diagnosis and treatment. They are aiming to create a system and further to that, they aim on establishing a system to accumulate a lot of experiences through sharing each other’s information. This remote support operation was started at Anjo Kosei Hospital, Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daiichi Hospital, Aichi Child Health and Medical General Center and Nagoya University Hospital.

At the pediatric department in Nagoya University Hospital, they are trying to share patient data for rare diseases as well as linking this with other hospitals, medical support for depopulated areas and sharing doctors’ experiences and knowledge. Also, because the remote medical system doesn’t have restrictions around location, they aim to improve the whole quality by sharing knowledge and treatment experiences with each other over and above the remote medical support. Further to that, they select essential items for diagnosis by accumulating support and sharing information and analysing rear points of view, so that appropriate diagnosis at any hospitals can be made without specialists being present on site as part of the AI remote medical platform.

【 About TRIART Corporation】
TRIART is a technology creation IT company that provides research and development for new technology by using IT and consulting. We have a lot of unique technologies such as image application process technology using AI and network security technology and we have been providing a number of network solutions and information security solutions to solve many difficult issues in the market. Especially, the research development ability in terms of security related to and including code data distribution technology ‘XCOA’ has a high reputation and the remote medical diagnosis support system XMIX which is required to have reliability is engaged in medical solution development and information security for major large companies.

【 About the Pediatric surgery department at Nagoya University Hospital 】
They are actively applying endoscopic surgery for small children and they have the highest record in major operations for pediatric surgery in Japan. They have a top class doctor in endoscopic surgery and are actively applying this for difficult and challenging level cases such as congenital esophageal atresia, congenital cystic disease of the lung, biliary atresia and congenital biliary dilatation. Also, they focus on educating and cultivating pediatric doctors as well as developing new treatments by consolidating the number of cases. In April, 2012, they were designated as a Aichi prefecture comprehensive perinatal medical center and selected as the core childhood cancer hospital in February, 2013 in Tokai, Hokuriku and Shinetu block areas and are now continuously aming to build a better diagnosis system in collaboration with medical institutions.

Company overview of TRIART Corporation

CEO: Kentaro Imazu
HQ: CIRD/680-41 Kawatsu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Established: January, 2003
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business description: IT solution business / Information design business
URL: https://triart.co.jp/

Enquiry about this release

【Enquiry about this experimentation】
Chiyoe Shirota, Pediatric surgery, Nagoya University Hospital

【Enquiry about ‘XMIX’】
TRIART Corporation In charge: Watanabe
TEL: (+81)948-80-1081 Contact: https://triart.co.jp

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