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LAC and TRIART started developing safe data coordination in order to reduce operations management requirements.

Codevelopment of the foundation of safe data utilization by XCOA which is an advanced blockchain and high affinity technology.

LAC Corporation (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo CEO: Itsuro hereinafter referred to as LAC) and TRIART (HQ: Iizuka city, Fukuoka CEO: Kentaro Imazu) agreed to co develop the foundation of safe data utilization through TRIART’s advanced technology XCOA for a new approach on data security to support Society 5.0 which the government promotes.

The government accelerated work on Society 5.0 which made a new society with a data center. However, cyber attacks are becoming violently clever everyday so we can’t be protected perfectly through conventional measures and that is concerning so it is an obstacle for promoting Society 5.0. Companies and organizations have been applying a number of security measures such as network gateway servers to offer a deep defence, and for the future where a variety of data sets will be linked in society, making data invisible to the attacker is the most efficient way to protect when data is leaked.

LAC started their information security business to pioneer them to other companies in Japan, and they have been providing security services such as consulting, diagnosis and operation monitoring for major companies and governments and researching the development of security technology from basic research to a shift towards providing a service.
TRIART has been developing a secret sharing chain technology application system which shares coded information and manages it making it impossible to decode with only fragments and has been doing so since a long time ago even before the blockchain concept was well known. We have a system to prevent confidential information leakage easily, a remote medical system for smartphones which require solid security and a network infraction technology to support them and we have a number of records, and they have been developed a lot both inside and outside Japan and have been installed more and more these days.

LAC and TRIART decided to start codevelopment for the foundation of safe data utilization responsible for Society 5.0 by using the encrypted data sharing chain technology, XCOA which can be united with blockchain technology. With this technology being spread through the world, it can make it possible for safe operations such as with applications like automatic driving which has already been tested a lot and a new financial system like cryptocurrencies.
LAC and TRIART believe the technology from Japan XCOA is essential and should be spread throughout the world to make a great future that is full of dreams and that is what Society 5.0 is aiming for and will continue to work at by applying both skilled areas together.

Main content of the codevelopment
① Establishing a method to apply the next generation data security model into business with a new approach
② Establishing the sharing of encryption technology for data itself applied with speed and functionality to be able to utilize it in actual business while applying blockchain as well as the conventional path of encryption.
③ Establishing a data management method by sharing encryption technology

【 About LAC Corporation】 (https://www.lac.co.jp/)
LAC was founded in 1986 as a system development business and develops a society foundation system with a lot of proud records including ‘financial type foundation system development’, ‘marketing and automation support’ and ‘ large data set analytics’. It was first started as an information security business in 1995 and now provides an advanced IT total solution service made with security technology that is leading the industry for their clients such as the government, companies and organizations as a leading company for the cyber security industry. Their security service record and business strategy was highly evaluated in 2015 and 2016 and they were awarded with the title of the best of the year by Frost and Sullivan as an integral company.

【 About TRIART Corporation】
TRIART was established in 2003 and is a technology creation type IT company with mainly research development for new technology for IT and consulting. We have unique technologies such as data processing technology through AI, image application processing technology and network security technology, so we have been providing a number of network solutions and information security solutions in the market and solving a lot of difficult issues. Especially, our research development ability related to securities to protect information including encrypted data sharing chain technology XCOA has been highly evaluated and we have found a solution for development for the medical field including the remote medical diagnosis support system that requires reliability and information security for major companies.

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