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Succeeded development of blockchain and P2P applied to large data set processing technology through XCOA technology

Secure large scale calculation without aggregating data attained

TRIART Corporation (HQ: Iizuka, Fukuoka, Japan CEO: Kentaro Imazu hereinafter referred to as TRIART) enabled massive data analysis while ensuring data safety, which the XCOA technology of TRIART utilizes to allow the collection of large data set operations allowing the analysis of large capacity data sets, mass users and highly confidential data. This enables an expectation to realize and calculate processes for virtual reality of large data sets of federated terminals. We continue working on the evidence for this new technology and develop for essential industries such as the medical industry where high levels of security are needed, the financial industry which handle large confidential information sets and personal information and car manufacturing and construction industries where large and fast data processing is necessary for industrial loT.

【Reference 1 Mutual data use by terminal coordination of secure P2P from large data sets collected and managed in the cloud】

Handling normal data on the Internet such as web services usually has to be collected in the cloud server with areas such as contract information of users, personal information and browser history based on the trust of operating organizations, management and operating followed rules. Service providers can discover the whole trend and any new finds by analyzing data collected using statistical processing and AI. However, this information is handled based on trust, so the fear of artificial information leakage and manipulation still remains, so it is difficult to manage exactly and we are left with problems to solve as it is not easy to maintain data service management and monitor operations.

Also, network speed when accessing data through cloud services and CPU processing ability does have a limit, so data processing for electric money type financial payments and automatic driving systems are important and very risky and require real time. Clouds that are capable with such mega size processing of servers to operate are incredibly expensive and so we would still be left with problems which cannot be enabled in developing countries where infrastructure is not substantial. For that reason, absent center system services utilizing blockchain technology have been explosively growing in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it is suitable for handling mega data sets.

For those problems, this big data processing technology using P2P which TRIART developed creates large data sets by virtually combining users’ terminals to resemble a part of the data rather than aggregating each terminal’s data into a server. Further to that, distributing the processing by using the CPU of each user’s terminal allows for large calculation processing in a participative way and so large analysis calculations can be carried out, which means performance can be carried out at a lower cost and structured with high performance data processing infraction through software. (See reference material 1.)

To utilize this system effectively, TRIART fused cryptography processing technology with safe data and network forming technology and succeeded in creating a development program for secure and serverless large data set utilization by aggregating P2P between terminals while keeping safe security measurements.

It depends on the type of data collecting, so let’s use an example of the medical industry, the collection of conventional vital data sets used to take 1G or more of data per day. Well, if data from 100 people was sent to the server, the receiving server needs about 100G of data transmission capacity. Whereas, this technology doesn’t need time for data collection through transmission and foresees a shortened time and cost reduction. Also, because no intensive calculation after data collection is needed any more, the conventional intensive type large data set forming method can improve in processing speed and make real time services possible as well.

As an actual demonstration case, we succeeded with risk characterization (see reference material 2) organizing the processing of data from multiple cameras and sensors in a special space of a participatory without collecting data by letting P2P process through organizing data networks using P2P. Also, management without aggregating information of medical information and tests was made possible through utilization of personal information and calculation processing without holding onto them.

【Reference material 2 Space risk management through mutual use of 3D data between cars】

■ Effect gained with this technology
① Analysis utilized with image processing of large data sets and confidential information that shouldn’t be leaked such as DNA and vital information
② Even if the number of terminals and data increased, construction of a huge server and network infrastructure would not be needed.
③ Storage related to loT and data operation of confidential information transmission costs reduce.
④ Combining the CPU processing ability of terminals makes large analysis capabilities possible which used to be impossible.
⑤ Ensure solid security through just installing software and structural infrastructure that prevents information leakage.

Because of the spread of blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology where terminals share information with each other though P2P transmission and distribution networks have received a lot of attention these days. This system is basically one of the application technologies that has been applied in actual society. We foresee utilization in various industries such as the medical industry and financial industry.

【 About TRIART Corporation 】 (https://triart.co.jp/)
TRIART is a IT company that creates technology and mainly provides new technology development using IT and consulting. We have a lot of our own unique technology such as data processing technology by AI, image application processing technology and network security technology and we have produced a number of network solutions, information security solutions and other difficult solutions for the market. Most especially, we have a high reputation in development ability related to security systems to protect information including our encrypted data distribution technology named XCOA and that connects to information security for large major companies and solution development for the medical industry including XMIX, the remote medical diagnosis support system which requires a high degree of reliability.

Company profile
CEO: Kentaro Imazu
HQ: CIRD/680-41, Kawatsu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Established: January, 2013 Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business description: IT solution business / Information design business
URL: https://triart.co.jp/

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