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Improve security of Microsoft products including Surface Go

Next generation network construction for business use of Azure and Surface series by XCOA

Currently, at Microsoft Japan, they combine a cloud focus on Azure and an intelligent edge focus on Windows to enhance the workflow of the digital transformation in industrial areas with Azure and they are driving ahead on how they can be at the forefront of working through a reformation of worksites. In this area called Firstline Worker, the especially intelligent loT by Azure Sphere combined with device technology supporting advanced mobile work such as Surface Go have been promoted to make this reformation of the industrial landscape and a higher level of digital transformation happen. Combining XCOA technology developed of TRIART can make a safe and high degree of freedom of terminals and data possible. We have started proposing a new work style model while controlling devices such as radio and cameras of Surface Go which were released in the summer. (See the image below)

Area where the Surface terminal use constrained to the loT device for Azure works together with XCOA
Services and confidential information can only be used in the area
Outsiders cannot use XCOA services.
* Permission acquired through registration is required to enter the room and use the inside

The XCOA technology which TRIART has been carrying out is a technology that researches safe relationships with computers, distributes coded IoT and confidential data in networks and creates distributed type large data packages where data analysis can be carried out. It combines the ability of the CPU bandwidth of participating computers and utilizes higher functional computer setups, so that the next generation P2P technology can make provisions of security and high performance becomes possible. Generally, to utilize data safely while ensuring security, the major method has been to lock up data in the server, however, this XCOA technology has been able to make security and network distribution with large scale calculations possible through the processing of guaranteed networks of the blockchain.

Just like the technology for preventing cryptocurrency manipulation, to bring data out from XCOA, whole scale network hacking will be needed, so operation of data that is internal use only and cannot be brought out becomes possible. Bringing Surface terminals into an organization and out can become possible, but the data location is limited, so there’s no longer a limit on terminal location and the conventional work style can be changed revolutionary.

For those products such as loT device Azure Sphere which is going to be developed by Microsoft and Surface Go released and this summer, we will cooperate with Microsoft Japan and introduce XCOA technology within these devices and network services. Freely bringing out terminals and data utilization will be realized while preventing leakage of information when using Windows OS. We will develop solutions which work towards a deep cooperation in the world with Microsoft Japan in the future.

Systems that can become possible through this cooperation
・Spatial data sharing by using Surface Hub, Surface Pro and Surface Go
・Functional control of a lot of devices and data monitoring of terminal’s networks and cameras
・Starting of applications, execution control and turning on and off of device functionality
・Utilization and analysis of information within networks through data distribution encryption and processing chains

Comment by Microsoft
We sincerely welcome the construction of models using Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Azure by XCOA technology which has for a high level of data protection and distribution processing solutions. We believe that we can change how our customers work and what the business model should be with such global and abundant performance records and such an advanced high technique of TRIART which can strongly support the promotion of digital transformation in the industrial area where Microsoft Japan is aiming at. We work together with TRIART Corporation and contribute to developing the business of our clients’ through XCOA technology and our technology utilization.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Executive officer, managing director, cloud & solution division director,
Chikara Tejima

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