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Developed a system to easily control data leakage prevention through secret sharing schemes

A work environment made with a high level of freedom while enhancing security

The technology creating venture TRIART Corporation (HG: Izuka city, Fukuoka hereinafter referred to as TRIART) and Toyota Motor Kyushu Corporation (HQ: Miyawaka city, Fukuoka hereinafter referred to as Toyota Motor Kyushu) developed a management system to prevent confidential data leakage easily apply ‘secret sharing schemes’ and started operating it.

Server and computer managing inhouse data has been needed for taking measure of multiple security sources in terms of handling confidential data, so a complicated operation has been required for managing the removal of data.   Now, TRIART and Toyota Kyushu made operations simplification possible at the same time as enhancing security measurement.  We developed a system to ease management of confidential data leakage together and named it FLEXTHY and started operations in a factory of Toyota Kyushu from June, 2017.

FLEXTHY is a secret sharing scheme for confidential data, so others can’t decipher when the data is leaked out.  Users can use the confidential data with normal operations only on computers that FLEXTHY manage, but they can’t on other computers.  Also, FLEXTHY has a function of locking and warning of other use by users of USB device control of the computer itself, network connection control and certain operations as well as this, there is a system that can find out instances of copying confidential data and use of browser history when data is leaked from the user history.  As a result of that, companies don’t have to be too conservative about dishonest information leakage by outsiders and insiders anymore and they can handle confidential data more casually.

We are planning to develop safe and confidential data management without arranging high performance data management servers through our distribution management of confidential information when blockchain technology is utilized this financial year.

TRIART is a technology venture started up at the Kyushu Institute of Technology that has always aimed at becoming a research strategy type company that works on unique technology development in the world through academic-industrial cooperation.  Most especially, we worked on developing remote systems for medical use for smartphones where absolute security and network infrastructure technology to support it is required and ‘Solution development of security for smartphones’ has been installed in a number of places throughout Japan and overseas.  At the same time, Toyota Kyushu lists ‘Development of local community / Coexistence with clients’ as a basic principle and has been progressing the community cooperation activities while re-acknowledging the ability of Kyushu as well as enhancing work on contributing to the improvement of competitiveness through working together with local IT venture companies.

* Secret sharing: This is a technology for making information impossible to decode with one single distributed piece of information through encrypted information shared among a group of participants.

■ Company profile
Company name: TRIART Corporation
HQ: CIRD/680-41, Kawatsu, Iizuka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
CEO: Kentaro Imazu
Business description: Research and development of new technology and services

Company name: Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc
HQ: 1 Kamiaruki, Miyawaka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Director: Tatsuya Kaneko
Products: [Lexus] HS250h, CT200h, RX350/RX450h/RX200t,
NX200t/NX300h/NX200, ES300h/ES350/ES250/ES200 [Toyota]

■ Enquiry about this release
【Enquiry about development】
TRIART Corporation
In charge: Jun Watanabe
TEL: (+81)948-80-1081
【Enquiry about application(practical use??)】
IT Planning Department, Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc
In charge: Yoshihiro Fujimoto
TEL: (+81)949-34-2150

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