KANSEI information Processing

About to KANSEI information Processing system

An image comparison system that identifies differences utilizing AI image recognition

This is a system that compares two different data sets such as documents, drawings and photos and extracts any image differences between them.  With the automatic correction of feature point recognition technology, it can correct any image and compare them.  It has been introduced in 400 or more companies especially in the construction and automotive manufacturing industries.

Recognise differences accurately, support difference point check

Image comparison

It compares differences between two images and extracts any modifications.  It won’t miss any fine modification such as thickness of lines drawn.  It can also be used for fine adjustment after comparison.

Compare old images as well

As long as the target is either a PDF or an image, the old materials can also be compared.  No problem with skewed drawings when scanning! Image sourced from: Website of Yakushiji Temple.

Compare any images

It’s totally up to you what you would like to use it for whether on regular PDF data, images or photo documents!  This system has been used for a number of items such as contracts and accounting statements as well as drawing plans.